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This website was created to help children learn to read and to love reading, as well as to provide quality materials for teachers. It was created and is maintained by a small volunteer group of a few people spread throughout the world, with contributions by additional authors and artists. So far we have contributed thousands of hours and countless dollars toward growing this website and making it the best it can be, but our resources are limited. We are happy to continue contributing our time, but we need your help covering the costs of the site.


We are asking that each person who uses this site contribute a small amount of money. The suggested donation is only $20 per year! However, you choose the amount. We will gladly accept any amount over $2 (amounts under $2 cost us more in fees than we receive).


Your donation is made through PayPal, a secure service provider. You don't even need a PayPal account to donate by credit card. Just click the button below to make a donation.




Your contributions will be used for the following purposes (in this order):


1.   Cover costs for the site, including website costs, licenses, software purchases, office supplies, research materials, and other basic costs.


2.   Purchase of copyrights, and other rights and licenses (i.e., publishing rights) to add more books and materials to the site.



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