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All Learning Island books are contained in PDF format. They have been set up to fit two pages on an 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of paper. Please read all printing instructions before attempting to print.


PLEASE NOTE: Every printer and every computer seems to be a bit different from the next one. Some print single sided, some double. Some have a "Reverse Pages" option, some do not. Some print the image on the top of the paper, others turn it over and feed it through, thus printing on the bottom. Because of this, it may take you a few tries before you can print out the books in the proper manner. Please be patient before attempting to make us walk the plank.

     All books are set up in the same format. Once you figure out how to print the first book, you will know how to print the rest (assuming you remember the steps you took to get it right the first time).

     The following instructions will help most people with most printers. Hopefully yours is one of them.


To print each book, first locate the book you would like to print. This is done by finding a category of books hidden on the island and clicking on it. This will bring up a list of books in that "treasure chest." Click on each title to learn more about the book. If you decide you want to print out the book, do the following:


First, Print the Cover

1.   Click on the Print Cover link below the information on the book. This will bring up a PDF file of the cover. 2.   Place a clean sheet of cardstock in your printer. 

3.   Click on "file" then "print". 

4.   Click the OK button at the bottom of the box.

5.   Set the cover aside while you print the inside of the book.

NOTE: It is possible to print the covers on glossy cardstock. If this is done with a color printer, you can end up with a professional looking book. However this may take longer because color printers are often slower, and because the ink in some printers may need time to dry before the book can be put together. 

     If you are doing a number of books and want this effect, you can purchase bulk quantities of glossy paper quite inexpensively (approx 10 - 25 cents per sheet). We suggest using 10 point C1S  (coated one side) white paper. This can be purchased from many specialty paper suppliers (in the yellow pages under Paper). 


To Print The Book:


For Double Sided Printers:

1.   Click on the Print link. This will bring up a PDF file of the book. 

2.   Then choose "file", and then "print." 

3.   On some printers you will need to choose whether to print the book single sided or double sided. Choose double sided.

4.   Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the box.

NOTE: Be aware that some printers will have difficulty reversing the second page in order to print it properly (it seems like every printer in the world is just a bit different from the ones we used to set this up). If your books are coming out with every other page upside down, you should use the single sided printing instructions.


For Single Sided Printers:

1.   Click on Print  link. This will bring up a PDF file of the book

2.   Click on the "print" icon. This will bring up the printing box.

3.   Choose "Print Odd Pages" from the print pages section.

4.   Click "OK". The first side of your book will print.

5.   Once the first side is finished, place the pages back into the printer tray.

6.   Click on the "Print" icon again.

7.   Choose "Print Even Pages" from the print pages section. Also place a check mark in the "Reverse Pages" box.

8.   Click the "OK" button on the bottom f the box. This will print side two. 


NOTE: If the pages are coming out all out of order, your printer prints the second side in reverse order automatically. In this case do NOT place a check mark in the "Reverse Pages" box for the even sided pages.


Be sure to uncheck the "Reverse Pages" box to print the "Odd Pages" if you are printing more than one copy of the book, or are printing another book.


If the "Reverse pages" option does not work for you, you may need to reorder the pages before replacing them in the printer tray to print the second side. If you are coming out with the pages all out of order, this applies to you. (This happens because your printer prints on one side of the paper when the books are set up for the second side). 

     To reorder the pages, simply take the top paper and lay it down on a desk or table. Then take the next page and place it on top of the first one. Keep going until you reach the end of the pages. This will put the pages in reverse order of the way they came out of the printer.

     Now place the pages back into the printer and print the second side. Please note that if you had to reorder the pages to print the second side, you will need to reorder them again after you print the second side (using the same method). This will put the book into proper order for binding.


If all else fails:

Don't give up hope yet. You still have two options to try.

Option 1.   Print out the entire book page by page. 

     1.   Go to the first page that appears on the screen. 

     2.   Choose "file" then "print". 

     3.   Choose to print only the current page. Click "OK" at the bottom of the box.

     4.   Once that page has finished printing, return the paper to the print tray. 

     5.   Scroll down to the second page on the screen and choose "file" and "print" again. 

     6.   Choose to print the current page, then click "OK". You now have the first set of pages for the book. Just keep going in this manner until you reach the end.

Option 2.   Follow the instructions below for making copies of the books.


To Make Multiple Copies of the Books:

First, remember that making multiple copies of the books to sell (even for the cost of printing) is a violation of copyright laws. These instructions are here for teachers who wish to make multiple copies for classroom use.

1.   Print out the entire book single sided. This is done by simply choosing "file", then "print" and clicking the "OK" button.

2.  Keep the pages in the same order that they came out of the printer. However, turn every second page upside down. Yes, we know this sounds weird, but this is done because most copiers turn the paper over before printing on the second side.

3.   Place the pages in the copier.

4.   Choose single sided original and double sided copy.

5.   Choose the number of copies you want.

6.   Hit the print button.



To Bind Your Books:

1.   Fold the pages in half.

2.   Fold the cover in half.

3.   Place the cover over the inside pages.

4.   Staple in the center of the book. To prevent kids from getting injured by the edges of the staples, you should place the book face down in the stapler. This will place the ends of the staples in the center of the book, not on the outside spine.



Now enjoy your Learning Island book, and tell all your friends about us.



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