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Teacher's Page has been created for teachers as well as for children. Many of the books on this site have related activity sheets and lesson plans. The lesson plans also include possible vocabulary words.


Teachers may use these books in a variety of ways, including:

Use the books, lesson plans, vocabulary lists, and related activity sheets to instruct students in the classroom.


Provide students with books to read.


Create a library in the classroom for students to use.


Print multiple copies of the book for group reading.


Provide books as an incentive for good behavior. This can be done by either rewarding the child with a book for good behavior, or setting up a point reward system where the kids can choose books for a certain number of points.


Provide books as an incentive for students to complete all homework or to complete their homework without any mistakes.


Use the books in the 15-Minute Series to encourage kids to read for 15 minutes a night.


Our 15-Minute Series

Many of our books are part of our 15-Minute Series. This is based on the idea that kids should do at least 15 minutes of reading a night. The books in this series are geared to different reading levels. Each book has been written to provide approximately 15 minutes of reading.


Reading Level

Average Words Read Per Minute

Number of Words per Book

Color Indicator*

First Grade Readers

25 - 100

250 - 1,250


Second Grade Readers

75 - 125

1,000 - 1,900


Third Grade Readers

80 - 150

1,200 - 2,250


Fourth and above

100 - 200

1,500 - 3,000



* The reading level of the books is indicated by a color indicator. This allows students to be grouped into a color group, rather than a reading level. This is done for those who may be learning English as a second language or for those who are reading below their normal reading level. For more specific reading level and word count information, check the RL (Reading Level) and W (Number of Words) statistics on each book's information page. Some books are written at multiple levels.



Help Us Help You

If you create a lesson plan, vocabulary list, activity or any items related to a book, consider sharing it with other teachers. We would be happy to accept submissions of items to add to our activities or lesson plans pages. All items must be wholly and completely created by you and you must certify that you are the owner of the copyright on these items. The pages will be put up with a note that they are copyright (your name). However, as with our books and related materials, teachers, students and parents may use these materials. is an all-volunteer site. No pay is given for items placed on these pages. But we will gladly give you our gratitude for any help you provide.


    If you would like to contribute, please contact us by email at



Terms and Conditions: By accessing these books you agree to all the terms and conditions of this site, including agreeing not to  save this book to any computer or electronic device, including disk. To protect our copyrights, books may be printed from the site only. Books may not be sold for any amount of money, including the cost of printing.


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