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Learning Island is a small publishing company that specializes in 15-Minute books. These books take approximately 15-Minutes to read, and are based on the idea that children should practice reading for 15 minutes every day.

Our wide variety of books allows children to read an entire book in their 15-minutes. With numerous books in many areas, and a constantly expanding selection, children will have a wide selection of topics to choose from, keeping them interested day after day.

Our current selection includes mostly ebooks, however, we also hope to introduce printable books in the near future. These ebooks are available through a wide variety of sites, including BarnesandNoble.com, Amazon.com, Smashwords.com, the Apple Store, Diesel, Kobo, andthe Sony Store. Additional outlets are coming soon.

Keep watching for more exciting titles.


A note to previous users of this site: After nearly 10 years of bearing the costs for the LearningIsland website; creating books, activity sheets and games; and requesting donations to keep the site going, we received less than $120 over the entire life of the site. Unfortunately we are unable to continue bearing these costs and have decided our only chance to continue providing these books is to sell them as ebooks. We hope you have enjoyed our books in the past and will continue to do so in the future by purchasing our expanded selection of ebooks.

If there was a book that you loved, and you do not yet see it available in ebooks form, please contact us at LearningIsle2@yahoo.com. We will look at making it available.

Thank you for your past support. Please see the copyright page for additional information.


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