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All books available through this website are copyrighted. Most ebooks sold through our respective vendors include Digital Rights Management (DRM) encryption. This encryption prevents endless copies of an ebooks to be made and may restrict their use in other ways. Ebooks are purchased for your personal use only.

All books, activity sheets, teachers guides and all other materials which were previously available on this site are copyrighted by and/or by their respective creators (writers, illustrators, etc.). The terms of service of the previous website included a clause stating that all books and images were not to be saved by any electronic means. Thus, if you have any previous forms of these books stored on any computer or other electronic device, please delete it immediately. You are free to keep any copies of the books which you printed for your own personal use. These books may not be sold, traded or otherwise exchanged in any manner, with the exception that teachers who printed copies for their classes may continue to use any previously printed copies in their class. However, once those copies become lost, stolen or destroyed, no new or additional copies may be printed out.


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